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Maca Grower: The Magic Valley

Click to enlargePERU'S "MAGIC VALLEY"

Our maca growers in Peru have come to know and rely upon regions, specifically certain highland Andean valleys, to offer them the most desirable growing conditions. One of these valleys is called the "Magic Valley" and is the place where Herbs America's plantations of Maca root are located.

There, our growers were the first to develop and master the art of producing powerful strains of Maca root centuries ago, and these same families carry on and teach the traditions of highland farming to their ancestors in the modern day to produce the finest strain of them all- MACA MAGIC!


Click to enlargeWe are very fortunate and proud to be able to work in this enchanted valley!

There is much more to the Magic Valley and surrounding region than mere elevation, enchanting beauty, and intense sunlight...

The regions remote location, high elevation, and hostile weather conditions have allowed it to remain largely undiscovered by the commercial farming world, thus keeping it essentially pure, undeveloped, and unpolluted..

Visitors to the growing site are often impressed by the majestic beauty of the region- glaciated lakes above with the blue waters of Lake Junin below.

Ranging from between 12 to 16,000 feet above sea level, the valley is perched just over the eyebrow of the nearby untamed Amazonian jungle, the greatest convergence of plant life on earth.

In the rocky crags above our fields are sacred caves and alters where the Incan families once honored all of the magic crops they grew in the valley below. Each season pilgramages are made to these places where our growers conduct millenia old ceremonies, asking for blessing and another year of good health and good harvest.

It is here that the world's first organic Maca was grown. At elevations above 14,000 feet (higher than any other cultivated crop in the world), the intense sunlight, rarified air, and organic soil of these highland valleys join together to produce the most potent and pure strain of Maca root on earth...

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Click to enlargeWhen taking a scientific inventory of the agricultural attributes of the region, many fascinating points are revealed. Glacial melt from distant 20,000-foot mountains creates a natural sub-irrigated farmland that is incomparable in this region of Peru.

Since time immemorial this mineralized soil and pure cold water have combined to build a sustainable cache of real magic charms- charging the soil of the valley below with perfect moisture, excellent tilth, and loading it up with important health giving trace minerals so essential to producing high quality MACA MAGIC!

Temperatures on the plateau often plunge below zero. Hailstones and snowfall are common in the summer, and the oxygen-thin air induces altitude sickness in the healthiest of people. When the sun comes through the clouds, the glare from it can burn you red in just a few minutes...

The rocky soil supports very little plant life, and the wind chaps and bites one's skin through the thickest of clothing. (In fact, Maca root is one of only a few food crops that are able to withstand these harsh conditions and grow in this altitude range. It is unusually frost-resistant, and seems to thrive in bad conditions. The only other crops capable of growing here are the humble potato and just a few strains of corn.)

Another interesting naturally occurring phenomena of this region, and in particular our Magic Valley, is the rarified air, often powerfully charged with static electricity, found in elevations above 14,000 feet. Our entire valley is sporadically drenched by heaping doses of naturally occurring sky born nitrogen released during frequent lightening and thunderstorms.

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